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Bolívar entre Potosí y Colón



Salar de Uyuni

The Salar de Uyuni is the largest salt desert in the world, it is located in the department of Potosí, Bolivia. It has an area of 10,592 km2 and is located at about 3650 meters above sea level. The Salar de Uyuni is also one of the largest reserves of lithium in the world and has large amounts of potassium, boron and magnesium.



The train cemetery is located in the Salar area. Several wagons, some of them in better condition than others, are open to the public so they can climb on them and take interesting photographs.



The Island of Incahuasi, in Quechua means "the house of the Inca" is located in the central part of the Salar de Uyuni. It is surrounded completely by the Salar and in her they are great amount of giant cactus, that can get to measure more than 10 meters of height.


Laguna Colorada

The Laguna Colorada is the place where the Andean flamingos are bred for their waters rich in minerals. It is about 10.7 km long by 9.6 km wide. Its surface is 54 km2. It is considered a lagoon of high Andean-saline type.


Laguna Verde

Laguna Verde is a high Andean saltwater lagoon. It is located in the Eduardo Abaroa Andean Fauna National Reserve. It has an emerald green coloration due to the high mineral content of magnesium, calcium carbonate, lead and arsenic.



This area is characterized by intense volcanic activity (including fumaroles and geysers). You can observe boiling water intensely, additionally, the fumaroles and geysers emit mixed vapors of water and hot steam that reach heights of 10 to 50 meters.

El Salar de Uyuni

Es el mayor desierto de sal del mundo, ubicado al suroeste de Bolivia. El Salar de Uyuni cuenta con grandes extensiones de sal blanca reluciente.

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